makes good sense

"It just makes sense. That's what we hear over and over again from the families who have completed their funeral arrangements with us in advance," said Brent Sifton.  "As one gentleman said, "We plan ahead for everything else in life...whether it's as simple a thing as going to the grocery store or as important an event as our retirement. It makes sense to plan our funerals too."

More and more people have found that planning a funeral in advance is a thoughtful decision that shows consideration for a family. It reduces the stress caused by indecision and the uncertainty that often accompanies a death.

Many people not only arrange their funerals in advance (pre-arrangement), but also pre-finance them, for many reasons.

Some want to be sure that a funeral reflects their personal lifestyle and beliefs. And others want to ease the financial burden that can beset unprepared families at a time of loss.

People who have moved to a distant community, or whose children have moved away, often want to specify that their final disposition be taken care of in a particular manner and place.

Funeral directors are specifically trained to help people plan funerals in advance.  Brent Sifton said, "People who have pre-arranged with us have told us that our experience and advice was an invaluable addition to the support they received from their families and clergy. As trained professionals, we not only record the vital information needed for a funeral (rituals, music, other services and items of merchandise a person may want to use), but we also help in gathering information for required forms and for family care follow-up following a death. It should be stressed that there are a wide range of funeral service options available to today's public. It's important that everyone has the opportunity to review their options with a licensed, professional funeral director in a calm, unpressured atmosphere."

A consumer's checklist for pre-planning:

  • Take your time. Don't be pressured or pushed when making decisions.
  • Get all the facts. Most arrangements are available with a number of options. Keep asking questions until you understand everything you want to know.
  • Pre-planning does not require pre-payment. This is an option.
  • Don't be sold. Pre-planning should be for the convenience of you and your family, not for someone else's advantage.

Don't wait! Start your pre-planning today