What people are saying about the Sifton Funeral Home

I am not originally from St. Thomas, so I was not familiar with any of the local funeral homes.  An inexplicable instinct told me to choose the Sifton Funeral Home, and I was very glad I did.  Brent Sifton and his staff treated me with a gentle kindness and patience that was soothing and consoling.  It was a pleasure to deal with this long established family business.

Ashley G.

The staff at Sifton's were compassionate, respectful, and very thorough.  It was comforting to know that we could depend on them to attend to all the necessary details and coordinate the timing of events.  At a stressful time, they provided much needed support and handled the visitation and funeral with dignity and very professionally.

Karen B.

When we had to make funeral arrangements for my Dad, Brent and his staff were all so very helpful and compassionate.  We met with Brent on Canada Day (he gave up his holiday) and he very gently guided us along to arrange the visitation and service.  Because of a very tight time line, he had to do many extra things very quickly and ensured that everything was looked after.  All the extra-special touches that he added were greatly appreciated.  He and his staff were available throughout the visitation if we needed anything (and we did) and they always handled themselves professionally and with great compassion.  After the service, Brent delivered floral arrangements himself to local facilities for us.  Laura had all the paperwork ready for us so we could contact government agencies, etc. regarding my Dad's passing- this was extremely helpful.  Brent updated us every few days with new donations received and emailed condolences.  During this difficult time, we certainly appreciated Brent's empathy, care and concern for our family.

Sue A.

The Sifton Funeral Home staff were very supportive, compassionate, and professional helping our family through the visitation and funeral for our father.  They were readily available to answer any and all of our questions concerning the planning of the funeral, its administration, and service.  They respectfully helped us get through this difficult time.  For this we are deeply grateful.

James S.

Both my husband and I have been to the Sifton Funeral Home more than a few times.  We have been there during visitations to support friends and family during their time of grief and our family has acquired the services of the funeral home following the passing of our own loved ones.  Brent and his staff go above and beyond to support you and your family during a very difficult time.  Their customer service is unmatched in St. Thomas and I would recommend them to any one of my fiends and family.

Mina A.

The staff at the Sifton Funeral Home were very professional in dealing with my Mom's funeral arrangements.  They were very kind and compassionate during this difficult time.

Louise K.

Everyone at Sifton's were fantastic.  Brent was very professional and dealt with every detail of the planning for my Uncles's wishes.  He gave excellent suggestions and ideas to celebrate his life.  Laura was very helpful with government paperwork.  The team at Sifton's did a wonderful job to make our difficult time much easier.  A huge thanks to them.  I would recommend them to others.  Service and quality were excellent!

Wade P.

Very professional staff, compassionate, respectful, sensitive and caring towards our family.  They provided a personal touch during a difficult time.  They delivered a seamless experience and provided a high quality of service.  Would highly recommend this funeral home.

Denise & Barry S.

My experience with Sifton's was a positive one.  They were very thorough and caring, and provided the support and guidance I needed during a difficult time.  I thank them for their help and follow up with all the arrangements.

Jack D.

In 2010, our family was introduced to the Sifton Funeral Home with my father and myself touring a variety of funeral homes in the St. Thomas area with the intent of pre-planning funeral arrangements for both of my parents.  My Dad found his comfort level within Brent Sifton's organization and people.  Our questions and concerns were very professionally addressed by Brent and Laura, both of whom were very competent, particularly with pensions, government remissions, etc.  We left the funeral home content with the knowledge that every foreseeable aspect of pre-planning for Mom and Dad's funeral was in place.  Unfortunately, our family was to lose both my parents in 2016, my father in February and Mom in November.  Throughout both experiences, the Sifton staff guided us faultlessly, and with genuine compassion, through some very difficult times.  Brent was at the forefront of directing the activities.  Our family benefited so much from Dad's earlier arrangements and any questions were primarily to clarify my parents wishes.  As a family, we were 100% involved, yet it seemed like we had very little to do.  This did not happen by accident, rather it was through the professionalism and caring nature of all the people at the Sifton Funeral Home.  Our family is appreciative and cannot express enough satisfaction with Brent and his staff.  We highly recommend their quality and high standard of service to others in need.

Daniel O.